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Rempel was able to collect some original material from both the Thiessen and Schellenberg families. Some of the notes suggest that some of the material that Rempel was working with, or owned, was given to others.

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He focused on the material written in the 1500s to 1800s. Location: Volume 3429, 3430, 3437, 3439, 3440, 3780, 3781, 3947, 3949, 3950, 3952, 3953, 3954, 4841, 1 book. This series contains material relating to philosophy, general history, and the philosophy of history. Tief schaut ich ihr ins Herz / Nicht sah ich mehr die Hohe, Ich fühlte nur die Lohe / der Liebe süßen Schmerz. JAR to Hylkema (written during his time in Germany) 1925-08-05 JAR to Riggenbach (original letter found in Basel Stadtarchiv) 1925-08-17 JAR to Riggenbach (original letter found in Basel Stadtarchiv) 1925-09-02 JAR to Riggenbach (original letter found in Basel Stadtarchiv) 1925-09-29 JAR to J. Janzen (Waterloo), re: conditions in Canada (written shortly after his arrival in Grünfeld on 25. Pauls (Berlin), re: Antrag beim Auswärtigen Amt 1929-06-23 J. Pauls (Berlin) to Otto Bartel (Grunau), re: letters from JAR; passports 1929-08-09 Händiges to fellow ministers – excerpts from letters [Hope, 82] 1929-08-09 Otto Bartel to Händiges, 1929-08-10 Händiges to Aeltesten-Ausschußder Westpr. Location: Volume 3429, 3946, 3955, 3959, 3960, Microfiche 14, Microfilm 674, 678, 5 books. In stiller Einsamkeit / Saß ich in dieser Ecke, Verborgen in der Hecke, / Nur dacht’ an jene Zeit. Pauls (Berlin) to Händiges, re: Antrag must go via Prussian President, Marienwerder to Charkow 1929-06-24 J. Rempel („Jakobus“) to Händiges, re: thanks for efforts 1929-07-11 J. Konferenz 1929-08-17 Händiges to BHU [Hope, 82] 1929-08-27 H. 12728] [3) Rundschreiben der NKJ [Peoples’ Commissariat of Justice] vom 5/xx/1928, No. Rempel also traced its use in the Mennonite culture.The records consist of notes, manuscripts, and cards.

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