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But Peele, a biracial man whose comic sketches have taken race-relations humor to surprising new places, doesn't stop there. Early in the film, Chris is shown to be a man unruffled by everyday racist sleights, treating them as part of the cost of existing in this world.

Production companies: Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment Distributor: Universal Pictures Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Lil Rel Howery, Erika Alexander, Keith Stanfield Director-screenwriter: Jordan Peele Producers: Jason Blum, Edward H.

British actor Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, a photographer going with girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her parents for the first time.

He's concerned they may be shocked to learn their daughter is dating a black man; Rose, like any upper-class liberal, assures him he has no reason to worry.

For the majority of the series, he is White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Political Advisor in the Josiah Bartlet administration. Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing, originally wrote Josh Lyman with long-time friend Whitford in mind.

Josh is portrayed as having one of the sharpest minds on the President's staff; he is a witty, somewhat cocky, boyishly charming know-it-all. An early draft of the pilot script, dated February 6, 1998, describes Josh as being "a youthful 38" and "a highly regarded brain." After reading the script, Whitford said he loved the character immediately and "desperately wanted" the part.

In the very early episodes of the series, Josh is portrayed as overly tough and outspoken, but mellows by the end of the first season, becoming more eager and simplistic in his personal demeanor, even switching places with Toby as the "hot-headed" one.Is Chris wrong to become increasingly unsettled by these people, or is he being hypersensitive? But the precise nature of what's going on here should remain a surprise.Suffice to say that Peele, whose TV show displayed a sharp eye for the things that make various genres tick, pairs his expertly paced screenplay with a flair for memorable detail — from a rec room suitable for Kubrick, to a blind art dealer, to the methodical way a slender girl enjoys a sugary treat.Shalom Auslander first pitched the show, then titled Pigs in Shit to Showtime in fall 2011, and spent more than a year trying to get Philip Seymour Hoffman on board to play the lead character.Auslander has said that Hoffman expressed interest in the show from the start, but the casting was held up due to "endless lawyering." A pilot was shot with Hoffman in the lead role, but after his death on February 2, 2014, it appeared that the project would be discontinued.

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