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Aisha was in the hospital for two days and wasn’t able to visit Aiza right away.

However, thanks to the NICU web camera in Aiza’s room, Aisha was able to see our little girl on the TV in her room.

And it can take a toll on your job performance – not just the unanticipated time off, but the distraction of wondering how your new baby is doing.

We’ve tried to help families balance all of these competing concerns with some new technology in our NICU at Clements: cameras in each baby’s room that live stream nearly 24 hours a day, with the camera only turned off during some procedures or exams.

We were thankful for the web camera and the ability to see her even when we were at home, working, or running errands.I could pull up the live stream video feed in between rounds and watch her.It’s almost harder now that I still work those long shifts but I no longer have video access!Having the video access also made us feel like we were partners with the nurses caring for Aiza, even when we couldn’t be in the room with her.It was comforting to know that we could watch over our daughter, and if something didn’t seem right, we could call to ask the NICU nurse to check on her.

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