Scared of dating quotes

Neither one of you must have any illusions about how difficult this process of inter faith marriage can be.However, I can report to you that if you are each clear headed about what you do and do not want then this can succeed. That doesn't sound like much, but it's enough for me.

The reason it is important is that in the modern world it is more common than ever for people to meet and marry across ethnic, religious and racial lines.

The decision to marry or not when there are very great differences in religion should not be made easily or lightly.

The consequences for yourself and the girl you love can have reverberations that can impact the happiness of each of you.

Strong commitment on the part of each complicates the questions of how to raise the children, what to do on important holy days, who will go to services and how often and, etc.

This type of gap in thinking and believing complicates relationships with extended family members such as in laws, grand parents and parents.

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