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It is really spoiling my life and I am so concerned that it will get worse.'She is thought to have hematohidrosis, which is an extremely rare condition that causes sufferers to 'sweat' blood.Hematohidrosis is a rare condition that gives the illusion sufferers are sweating blood from unbroken skin.These big titty pics are some oldies from a shoot she did with Asian4you almost a decade ago.She's done a lot of work since then, you can check out The Black Alley to see more of this set or learn where else she has appeared doing what from her ABD file linked below.Yossita Boonngam was on her way home after buying sweets in Samut Sakhon province, Thailand, yesterday evening when tragedy struck.

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Hematohidrosis' exact prevalence is unknown, but may be as little as one in 10 million people.

Phakamed said: 'They tell me that only one person in ten million people gets this sickness.'Although shocking, Phakamed's condition is at least painless.

This may occur due to the expansion and rupturing of blood vessels beneath the skin at times of stress.

Sufferers may experience weakness and mild dehydration from the blood loss. Drugs known as beta blockers may help to ease the condition, possibly by minimising patient's stress and anxiety.

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