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‘They’re brilliant stories and I hope people enjoy them,’ says Brenda.

2, 3, 89), "Sequere me, viaticum ut dem trapezita tibi", and in Pliny (VII, ep. Although Aubespine, Bishop of Orléans, in his note on this canon says that "viaticum" here means only the reconciliation and absolution granted at the hour of death to public penitents who had not performed the prescribed canonical penance, yet Macri (Hierolexicon) declares that it means simply "Sacramentum Eucharistic, cui antonomastice nomen veri muniminis convenit".

12, in fine), "Vide ut mihi viaticum reddas, quod impendi". 325 the Holy Eucharist given to the dying was called the "last and most necessary Viaticum" (Counc. Innocent I (402-17), in "Ad Exsuperium", and the First Council of Orange, 441, employed this word in the same sense. 1) are not allowed to receive Viaticum until they have repaired, as far as circumstances will permit (the confessor must decide in each case the nature and extent of this obligation ), the injuries and scandals of which they have been the cause.

‘A lot of my career has been down to good luck, and I’m grateful people have taken to Vera.

You hope things will be successful, but even wonderful things have the plug pulled on them. My mum was a bit like that.’Brenda’s mother was a lady’s maid who met her father, a chauffeur, when they were working for the same household.

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