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They're also apparently working on a big piece about the late "straight for pay" star, Wade Nichols.They managed to find his brother, who's provided them with a lot of information on Wade's life.She'd make for another good RR interview, although I can understand why she wouldn't want to. She had a fued with Annette Haven (who also kinda nutty) because she thought Annette Haven was after her husband. She was actually hired to do the catering for the film "The Devil in Miss Jones," and the director asked if she'd like to play the lead in the film. She's smart, but is offended very easily and often goes off on fans.Her husband was actually after Annette and she wanted nothing to do them. She's dished about a lot of her co-stars and movies also.Who knows who might see this posting and start bugging her which she doesn't need. It's good that she has someone looking after her after being taken advantage of by loser boyfriends and husbands. She seems to regret stepping out of the spotlight but she did what she thought would be best for her by marrying the wealthy fan.^ She's 79.I'll post a photo or two from it of what she looks like now if you want though. :)Desirée Cousteau, another big name in the late '70s, got out of porn, went back to school, and became a psychologist. Follow Annette on facebook to see nearly constant drama.Erik had a lot of respect for Wade as a person and as an actor. Greenfield, the only guy Bambi Woods has sex with in the movie. He was in the Goodbye Girl, albeit in a small role.R2 The Rialto Report also interviewed Jeff Stryker a couple of years ago.

But she knew she could get away with it, her movies always sold well.

The Rialto Report, the excellent podcast that features interviews with legendary adult film stars from the 1970s and beyond, posted the following on their website this week "Debbie Does Dallas"' also made a star out of the lead actress, Bambi Woods. Some guy found out her real name years ago (Colleen something) and wrote a bad written E-book about it on Amazon. He tried selling it to National Enquirer but they didn't wanna pay much, so he just put out the ebook. The Rialto Report people are very good at finding porn people nearly everyone else couldn't.

The Rialto Report tracked down Bambi Woods recently but has not been able to secure an interview as of yet. They've found Woods, Lisa De Leeuw (long rumored to be dead), and Desiree Cousteau but they're currently not willing to give interviews.

She made only two movies - "Debbie Does Dallas" and "Debbie Does Dallas II" - became a huge sensation in the late 1970s, then literally disappeared off the face of the earth.

They talked the very elusive Jennifer Welles into an interview.

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