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Quite recently the English people have been taking stock, as it were, of their licensing system. Lord Peel, the late Speaker of the House of Commons, is at the head of a royal Commission which has been inquiring with much detail into the working of the licensing laws, with a view to discovering at what point they stand in need of amendment. The Com- mission is one of the most interesting of the numerous royal Commissions of the Queen's loug reign. Fahrney, Chicago, 111 585,195— Non-retillable Bottle, John D. 585,409— Machine for making glass vessels, Robert Good, Poughkeepsie, N. It has thrown much light on the social and economic changes which have been taking place in England during the last two or three gen- erations. An attempt was made to run down the rumor, but without success. Here, in California, we have a decided advantage in the cost of oil for the operation of these engines. IT ' buying whisky for another whose money is used in making the purchase, does not, as a matter of law, constitute the person so doing the agent of both the seller and the buy- er, according to the decision of the Sui)rcnie Court of Georgia, in the case of Evans vs. The court said that while in the trial of an indictment for selling liquor unlawfully the accused may justl}' be treated as the seller, if it bo proved that he received the money of another and shortly thereafter delivered whisky for the same, yet if there be nothing either in the evidence or the statement of the accused to show from whom the whisky was obtained, or that some other person was the actual seller, the mere failure of such person so delivering the whisky to disclose at the time of so doing the name of the person from whom he bought it, will not of itself necessarily warrant the conclusion that he is himself the seller to the person to whom he delivered the whisky. There is a rumor going the rounds that those of the citi- zens of this city who are opposed to the present prohibition ordinance, and they are many, intend to get uj) a monster mass meeting in the near future to remonstrate against the law in question. The most successful Wineries iu Europe have adopted the Oil Engines.

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Raceired the HIO-HEST AWARD at the WORLD'S FAIR and at the ANTWERP EXHIBITION. are the publishers, and the book can be had from Payot, Upham & Co. The Methodists in Pomona are having a nice scpiabble among themselves, which, to say the least, is diverting to outsiders. Essential Feature— The word "Cyclone." ^ 30,283— Beer, Malt Tonic, Ale and Porter. Essential Feature— A central disk, 1, surrounded by a series of concentric bauds maiked 2, 3, 4, Sand 0, respectively, head and stem portions of barley stalks in groups of three, two hop leaves, two hop heads, the capital letter "M," and the words " Minneapolis Brewing Co." The central disk, 1, is in red, and forms the ground for the capital letter " M," which letter " M " is in white, outlined in gold and shaded in black. The hop leaves and the hop heads are in green on the band, 3, as a white ground, The hop heads, the hop leaves, and the bailey heads and stems, grouped as described, therefore all radiate from tbe margin of the band, 2, and are in alternate arrauge- ment in respect to each other.

Thousands of the old-fashioned inns brewed their own beer, and those inns which did not brew on the premises bought their supplies from brewing concerns iisually owned by small and individual capitalists. The American people are essentially a people of fads and innovations. 30,240— Compounds for makiuic Non-Alcoholic Beverai^es, Root Bee Drinks, Lars M. Essenlial Feature— The words "Crown Extract," or the Equivalent Swedish words, "Kronans Extrakt,'' and the pictorial representation of a crown.

To-day there are less than nine thousand brewers in England, and some of these brewing concerns rank among the greatest industrial under- takings in the banking business as well as in that of brewing. Each fad or innovation runs its short-lived conrse, and a new fad is then in order. 30,241— Brandy, Bisiiuit, Dubouche it Co., Cof,'uac, France.

With the economic change there has come a great change in the social character of English public houses. Indeed, she has been up to date the champion par excellence on both continents of the very strongest type of prohibition, and now she has thrown up the sponge. Speaking at the annual meeting of the Bristol Women's Temperance Association upon the female franchise, she held that prohibition was impossible in the present state of public opinion in England. Consular and Agricultural Department reports, and from President Jordan, has so decided. The law prescribes what kind of materials may be used in distilling brandy, and it does not mention figs. A few yeai's ago the Government stamp on bottled Cana- dian whisliies took the public fancy, and proved to be a popu- lar hit. Essential Feature— The word " Irone." 30,24: J— " " " " " " ' — Essential Feature— The word, "Jonoue.'' Me Ess and similar Issue of June 29, 1897.

They have approximated in structural arrangement and in their general character to the American saloon. Require no preparalion, are alway* ready to use, clarify the choicest descriji tiona of wices, also tliose of low alcoholic strength. Her strong, native common sense, her long and fruitless struggle, her disinterested desire to do something for the betterment of the thoughtless masses, has convinced her that ^prohibition is totally impracticable as a reforming force, and, being an honest, noble woman, she fearlessly pro- claims her convictions in words that leave no room for misap- prehension. Short of absolute revolution it could not come, and if it came now, if every public house in the country were closed by law, prohibition would not come to stay. It does mention berries, however, and after taking counsel, the Company decided that figs came within the list of permissible materials under the classifica- tion of berries. Young- berg submitted the opinions of President Jordan of Stan- ford, besides that of several of the professors of that insti- tution and of the State University. Jordan said that, while the fig was not, botawically, a berry, neither were a great many other fruits that were called berries — strawbei-- ries, for instance— but it did have more of the characteris- tics of a berry, botanically speaking, than many of the so- called berries. The Canadians were most likely much surprised at the de- mand that suddenly sprung up, and the popularity so rapidly attained.

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